Orders for the EU

Orders supplied via our European Distribution Centre in Belgium

Delivery costs

Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Netherlands

Orders under 300€    €15
Orders over 300€    free delivery

Austria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Hungary, Italy, Portugal, Ireland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden

Orders under 500€    €15
Orders over 500€    free delivery

Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania

Orders under €999    €100
Orders €1000 - €1999    €65
Orders over €2000    Free delivery

Please note, if you are in a European island or remote location (as defined by DPD) you may need to pay a per-box delivery surcharge. If you think this may affect you, please contact us before ordering.

For Bulgaria, Croatia, and Romania, we can offer shipping quotes on a case by case basis. Please contact us for more information.

Lead time: Express and Standard orders

We have two options for ordering: standard and express. Whichever you choose, all orders are delivered via our warehouse in Belgium for a seamless process, and both options cost exactly the same.

You can add products to both your express and standard baskets at the same time, so you can make an urgent order for now and also work on another order for later.

Standard Delivery

5-12 working days*

Ordering with Standard Delivery means you can order from our wide selection of products, with plenty of stock available.

Express Delivery

2-3 working days*

Our Express Delivery is the perfect solution for those last minute top-ups. If you need stock urgently, simply add items that are eligible for express delivery to your basket. Complete your order and your parcel will be with you within 2-3 working days.

Useful information

All products delivered to customers in the EU will be supplied via our European Distribution Centre in Belgium by Rex London BV. This means the goods are already in the EU single market before they are sent to you, so you will never have to deal with any extra paperwork, taxes or charges.

The VAT rules are the same as buying from any other EU based business:

  • If you are based in Belgium, the home of Rex London BV, you will need to pay Belgian VAT at 21%, just like if you were ordering from any other domestic supplier
  • If you are VAT registered in any other EU country, and you give us your VAT number, you will not have to pay VAT on your order as it will be classed as an intra-community supply
  • If you are based anywhere in the EU, but are not VAT registered, you will need to pay VAT at 21% as usual

Company Name: Rex London BV
Address: Groenweg 17, 9320 Aalst, België
Reg no: 0765.413.142
VAT no: BE0765413142

Express delivery: more information

We have a limited selection of our newest and bestselling products available for express orders. This means that if you need an urgent top-up at the busiest times, you can get one. These products are in-stock in our partner warehouse in Belgium and ready for immediate dispatch.

  • Express orders must be paid online during the checkout process. There will not be a pay later option, for that please use standard delivery.
  • There are no additional charges for express delivery orders.
  • *The estimated delivery time may be longer for countries further away from the warehouse in Belgium.

Standard delivery: more information

When ordering with standard delivery, you benefit from being able to choose from our huge catalogue of items with high availability. These orders typically take up to 12 working days to deliver. These are items which are available in our London warehouse. When you order them, we get them ready and send them over to the Belgian warehouse once per week. From there, they are forwarded on to you.

  • For standard delivery orders, there are options to 'pay now' and 'pay later' at checkout
  • Since all orders are dispatched to you from within the EU (Belgium), they are already in free-circulation so deliveries are hassle-free, with no extra paperwork or hidden charges.
  • *The estimated delivery time may be longer for countries further away from the warehouse in Belgium.

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